New Spinning Wheel/SWSO

New Wheel?

My very thoughtful husband surprised me with this on Friday. Unfortunately, even though he is pretty knowledgeable, it’s a SWSO or Spinning Wheel Shaped Object. I upset him by pointing out just what, exactly, was not right with it (need to work on my tact), but in his defense, it’s pretty damn close. Everything is technically there, and I suppose if I could keep a drive belt on it, it would, technically, spin.

Close Up of 'Spinning Wheel'

The biggest problem at the moment is the fact that the spindle is wooden and the whorl is nailed to it. We’re also having a problem with the Mother of All wobbling around all over the place; the whorl and the wheel not lining up properly, causing the band to pop off; and the wheel slipping on the pin that connects the footman to the wheel.

The general consensus with people on Ravelry is that it is not a real wheel, but my husband and I have decided that it is damn close enough, so we will be making some new parts and attempting to change this from a SWSO to a Spinning Wheel (this all works a lot better when you have a talented husband with access to a wood shop and metal shop).

First step will be machining a new spindle out of metal rather than wood. My husband has a few improvements he wants to make also. I’ll break down what we did when he’s done with it.

If you know anything about this wheel, I’d love for you to share it with me! It’s numbered (you can barely make it out in this photo, sorry for the crappy quality).

Number 049

Looks like it is #049. No other maker’s marks or anything. Very weird. Where are the other 48??

In other news, my Bobbins Up bobbins showed up on Friday also (VERY fast shipping). I played with them a little but didn’t take any photos. I’m spinning up the last 1/3 of my Christmas yarn, so I’ll have to remember to take photos when I transfer it onto a bobbin. Initial thoughts, they work great, the biggest PITA was that the drill I am going to use for it was stone cold dead and my husband informed me that I needed to wait 24 hours for it to charge properly before using it.

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